God of Second Chances

When we think of a second chance, we think of do-overs, doing different things, getting another crack at something to “get it right” this time.  How many times have I wished for a second chance? The would have, should have, could haves become overwhelming when we dwell in the past. 

The God of second chances is about conversion and transformation. That means we get the opportunity to right a wrong, learn from mistakes, and begin again. It is the ever-present opportunity to respond to God right where we are — not where we want to be, should be, need to be, but right where we are.

Richard Rohr says that, “Once we accept ongoing change as a central program for ourselves, we tend to continue growing throughout all of our life.”

What is a second chance but realizing where we are and committing to change?

I worked in a parish some years ago, and the new pastor was ready to make some much-needed changes. He gathered the leaders and began to lay out the vision for the new direction the parish would be taking. Then all hell broke loose.

The problem was their egos kept them stuck. Our egos get in our own way, trying to make their own plans, projects, and agendas. But why? Why is change so difficult? Because the ego hates change. The defensive, fearful self will do anything rather than change, even acting against our own best interest. In other words, ego equals blindness. The ego self is, by my definition, the unobserved self.

The game can be over, but the struggle may still be there in your mind. Fortunately, once you come into the light there is no going back to believing there is darkness. Think about the scripture’s references to light, that Jesus is the light of the world. Do not hide your light under a bushel basket. God is light, and in him there is no darkness. 

The ego must remain unseen, disguised, to be effective in protecting itself. That leaves us blind to our own illusions even when we are convinced that we see perfectly. This blindness is at the heart of the problem of conversion and spiritual transformation.

Are you wondering how to step out of the blindness and into the Light? Read my next post for more information.