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Encountering the Divine is an inclusive space for people seeking a spiritual path that is unique to them. I offer spiritual direction to all who are ready for personal growth. Through spiritual direction, retreats and workshops, I help people at a crossroads find their path and discover who God is to them. 

Influenced by Christian tradition but grounded in God’s unconditional love, I guide and encourage you to cultivate your spirituality in a way that is true to your journey.

Drawing on 30 years of experience helping people cultivate a deeper connection to God, I’m here to listen to your story, share in your journey and help you discover your spiritual path.

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Spiritual Guidance That Embraces Your Unique Path

Spiritual guidance gives us the tools to open our hearts, discover what faith looks like for us and become our highest selves. I invite you to experience the truth that your faith and journey matters. It is my life’s work to guide you in authenticity and love, no matter who you are. Here, inclusivity isn’t a buzzword. Together, we live out unconditional and radical acceptance in all we do. This is an open, safe space where you will be heard, uplifted, encouraged and inspired. I invite you to share what is on your heart so you can experience God’s compassion and be guided to resources that will show you the way, and help you find peace. I listen deeply, and guide you toward a new openness and understanding of your faith.

Together, we will discover your path and help you discover who God is to you.

My Process

Because it takes courage & grace to step out of your comfort zone and into faith, my process is gentle and incorporates humor, candor and compassion. Combining the pillars of Benedictine spirituality — grounded in openness, prayer, and balance — we will discover your unique path.  I also often use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to guide our work. 

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Who I Work With

I work with spiritual seekers of all religious denominations who are ready to grow and be guided. They are diverse, from all backgrounds — women, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, and all who are marginalized. They often feel that they are not traditionally included in religion, and they seek an unconditionally loving God who will accept and value them for exactly who they are.

Often, the people I work with feel a calling to take a step in a more spiritual direction. They may be experiencing hardship at work or in marriage, at a crossroads in life and ready for the next step. For them, prayer feels like it isn’t working anymore. They are experiencing fear, loss of connection, and a need for peace. They seek an open door to spirituality for the path they are on.

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Faith Starts Here

Whether your life feels routine or at its breaking point, I’m here to inspire and support you in discovering the guidance you need to heal and grow closer to God. Through One on One Spiritual Direction as well as Retreats and Workshops, this is a safe space your spiritual growth journey.

Spiritual Retreats

Within the retreats, we grow together by discussing all things spiritual. While virtual retreats consist of brief presentations on topics related to your spiritual growth journey, in-person retreats bring us together to share, read scripture, and pray together in a more interactive way. Through these offerings you will come away feeling renewed in faith.

Virtual Group Retreat - 90 min.


In-Person Retreats

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a one-to-one consultation where you will be heard, inspired, and opened up to a new approach to faith. In these sessions, I use my training in spiritual direction — a form of listening in which you uncover and discover where God is leading you in life — to help you deepen your spirituality, reflect on inner wisdom, and pray in a way that opens us up to compelling possibilities. We don’t always have the answers but sharing your stories and struggles can help lead you to insight and clarity. I will ask the right questions and help you discern where the spirit may be taking you.

Spiritual Direction - 50 min.

$60 each

6-Session Package


Group Guidance + Custom Workshops

I help individuals and groups grow in their spiritual life and become better leaders through workshops on divine topics, conflict resolution, or even job training. Please contact me to start the conversation or suggest a topic.

What You Can Expect From
Our Work Together

Because it takes courage & grace to step out of your comfort zone and into faith, my process is gentle and incorporates humor, candor and compassion. Combining the pillars of Benedictine spirituality — grounded in openness, prayer, and balance — we will discover your unique path.  I also often use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to guide our work. 

Through the years, I have been to many, many retreats with Bev, and I can sincerely attest to the fact that she is a wonderful retreat director, probably one of the best I’ve seen. Bev has a very unique gift of being able to weave scripture, prayer time, meditations, thoughtful activities, and quiet time into the retreat in helpful proportions. And Bev has a wonderful sense of humor. Every retreat that I’ve had with Bev has led me to know myself better, to appreciate the gifts that God has given me more, to have a closer and healthier relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Lynn F

I have attended several retreats led by Beverly Collin as well as having participated in the Spiritual Direction Institute that she has led for many years. Beverly is long-experienced, insightful and a sensitive retreat leader and presenter, applying her intuitive and creative skills to open the Faith for us and bringing it alive. As well, Beverly is a wonderful Spiritual Director and Companion. She is a spiritual treasure. Pam B. Waco, TX

Beverly, through comprehensive research, personal stories, guided imagery, time for reflection/sharing/meditation and prayer has guided me along many spiritual journeys: With presentations around accomplishments of women, bringing Monastic spirituality to the modern day showing how to live ordinary life extraordinary and presentations around the lives/accomplishments of women, I highly recommend her to you. Karen M. Belton TX

For at least the past dozen years, Beverly has led a silent retreat in the Summer. It is a retreat that I look forward to every year. She gives a daily inspirational talk, weaving her personal experiences with spiritual principals on a given topic.

It is always a topic I can relate to and one in which I contemplate and journal about what her talk has brought up for me in my life. For me, she always gives guidance for my life, which makes her retreat one of the highlights of my year.

Beverly is spiritual, personable, entertaining, fun, compassionate and has wisdom to share. She is a great listener, too. She is one of the most authentic people I know, and anything she does, retreat or a talk or.., it will be most worthwhile. Mary C. Dallas, TX

I have been privileged to attend retreats, spiritual direction, and classes given by Bev Collin for the last 6 years. Bev has a terrific way of being her authentic self, compassionate, insightful, wise, holy, down to earth, hospitable, and humorous. She sets a great atmosphere for hearing and experiencing God in new and deeper ways as she shares from her knowledge, experience, and the promptings of the Spirit. To say that I have been enriched would be an understatement. Whether you are looking at your spiritual journey for the first time, or have travelled many miles on your spiritual journey, Bev will provide the physical and spiritual space for you to come closer to Him whom you seek and who is also seeking you. And to top it off, you may be sprinkled with smiles and chuckles throughout the day as she throws in tidbits of humor about life and our own humanity. What a combination and what a gift! Sandy D. Temple, TX

If you are open to an experience of God on a deep and personal level and are open to laughing along the way, then you should hire Bev Collin OSB for a retreat or a spiritual direction session. Weaving scripture stories with real world experiences she is able by the grace of God help others do the same. Chaplain Debbie George, Round Rock, TX

Beverly Collin

As a person of faith with a master’s in Pastoral Ministry from University of St Thomas with certificates in grief ministry and spiritual direction, I have worked in the Catholic church for three decades, with twenty of those years spent working at a retreat center. Over the years, I have worked with women who have experienced trauma, church staff, the LGBT community, and people wanting to take time from their busy lives to come away and rest.

My mission in life is to extend love to all people, regardless of religious denomination or walks of life. I’m a listener, ready to hear your story, support you on your journey and help you grow in your relationship to God. With me, you will always receive honesty, mutual respect and non judgment. It is my commitment to offer you a safe space and honor your background, religion and story with unconditional grace.

Resources and Tools

The spiritual journey toward God is a lifelong path of love. To support fellow seekers along this beautiful journey, I’ve curated a selection of books, blogs and articles that are open, inclusive and hopeful in nature. I encourage you to explore these tools and resources and work with those that resonate with you.  They are here to inspire and support you in discovering the guidance you need to heal and grow closer to God. My hope is that you find them as helpful as I have.

As always, if you’re ready for spiritual direction from me and a deeper connection with God, I invite you to reach out and connect.

Let these be a resource.

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